It’s all about Paige

Once upon a time there lived a little girl named Paige Darrell Ann Moench. She was born into the world at 8:30 am on October 3, 2011 at the Kelowna General Hospital. She was a baby that truly smiled within hours of being born.

Paige loved cuddles most of all but she also loved to dance and listen to music. She loved animals, and rolling around on the beach covering herself in sand. She loved the water, but wasn't crazy about snow! She ate with vigour and slept soundly and deeply. Her smile was infectious and she brought light into the darkest of places.

Paige's life was abundant; in love, in smiles, in giggles. She was cherished and nurtured by her big brother Easton. She was Daddy's little girl and she was the love of my life.


In fact, Paige was so special that she continued to smile until the very day she earned her wings on August 6, 2013. That was the day our lives were forever changed, and the day that Paige was finally out of pain.

Paige is now an angel somewhere in the far reaches beyond what we know to be real. For those of us who knew and loved her, she was an earth angel for every minute of her 22 months and 3 days on earth.

The Gallery of Paige is created to give you a snapshot into the life of our precious Paige, enjoy!