There are so many ways to support The Paige Foundation. 

Get Involved Today!
We encourage you to Donate, but we also encourage you to come out and join an event, bring the family, bring your friends.
We also love the help of volunteers for our planned events, such as our regular bottle drives. Plan an event on your own, whether it’s a run that you want to do with a group of friends in Honour of Paige or a car wash on a nice summer day.
To recap, you can:
  • Donate easily by going here
  • Join us for an event or plan your own
  • Volunteer your time at a fun family event or bottle drive
  • Donate blood, platelets, become an organ donor, and a stem cell donor. You can donate In Memory of Paige by signing up under account INMEO14407

Today, despite progress in research, childhood cancer kills more children than all other diseases combined.