Our Team

We are Paige's team, and we are united in our mission. We are a team of volunteers and we give our time knowing that we are helping fight cancer alongside those kids that are still fighting. This year there will be about 263,000 kids diagnosed with cancer that we are volunteering to support.
The board of directors of The Paige Foundation is passionate, compassionate and full of hope. Learn more below. 
Natelle Moench, Board Member
Natelle Moench is the proud mother of two beautiful children, Easton on earth and Paige in heaven. Natelle is tenacious, focused and organized and strives to break the silence around paediatric cancer research funding. 
Chris Moench, Board Member
Chris Moench is the proud father to two darling children, Easton on earth and Paige in heaven. Chris is a loving involved father who is passionate about helping The Paige Foundation fulfill its' mission. 
Michele Drescher, Board Member
My journey to Paige started with my precious friendship with her mom and co-founder of The Paige Foundation, Natelle. As a mother of two little girls nothing scares me more than hearing "your child has cancer". This and my love for Paige and the Moench's has brought me to this foundation. I hope one day what we can accomplish will eliminate every parents worst fears. 
Pam Nordin, Board Member
My journey to Paige began at work - striking a friendship with Natelle. My journey with The Paige Foundation started with co-organizing a pub night in June 2013 to raise money to assist the Moench family while Paige underwent treatment. I am a mother of two boys who are the centre of my world. To see them happy and healthy has become the most important thing for me as a mom. I am most proud of the Moench family in their endeavour to honour Paige, raising awareness and funds towards childhood cancer research. I hope to encourage families of Kelowna and beyond to join The Paige Foundation. Together we can achieve more.
Laura Lazaridis, Board Member

My journey with pediatric cancer began on December 20, 2011 when my two year old son Theo was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia. After 7 months of treatment we returned home only to have him relapse in January, 2013. We returned to BCCH where Theo received a Bone Marrow Transplant. It was at this time that we met Paige and her family. A bond was created and we frequently met to share information and for support. Theo and our family have now returned to our home in Squamish, BC. I am so honoured to part of this foundation because of the importance of funding research that will result in better treatment and ultimately a cure for all pediatric cancers.

Today, despite progress in research, childhood cancer kills more children than all other diseases combined.